The Beginning

There are so many wonderful blogs I have read and kept up with that gave me the strength to become comfortable with who I am. I would have liked to follow many from the beginning of the journey and that being the case I thought I should start mine from just that....the beginning. It took me a long time to get here but I am excited for what the future holds.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Playdate to Remember - Part 1

Nothing from the oncologist yet but today this girl wants to focus on better things.
This past weekend there was an empty house for several hours and Master wanted to take advantage of that to the fullest extent. Normally scenes are rushed due to children, parents and schedules which tend to cause slave to remain in a certain comfort zone that she can’t explain. It is hard to become nervous when one knows there is limited time.
With a full 8 hours ahead the tone was much different. Upon arrival instructions were given, strip and kneel facing the corner. A tie was quickly inserted in slaves mouth and knotted tightly behind her head causing immediate drooling and making swallowing quite difficult. The sensation was overwhelming and tears began to spill over while trying to determine what was causing the background sound. Cuffs quickly secured wrists to one another behind her back and before there was time adjust first the ruler and then the cane came raining down on the sole of each foot. A sensation that is like no other, unpleasant while happening yet disappointing when gone.
When Master was satisfied he positioned slave over the edge of bed with tears sweat and drool mixing and leaving her wondering how unattractive she must look in that very moment. All vein thoughts swiftly leaving her mind as the Twisted Loop left no uncharted territory between the bend in her knees all the way up to her buttocks. As slave screamed and begged she managed to remain on her tiptoes not wanting to feel her body weight pressing down on the bottom of her sore feet. When the loop was put down slave turned to master to see what was coming and was quickly reminded to keep her eyes to herself as the caning then began. The begging subsided and the moaning eventually took while she thrust her bottom up in the air, noticing for the first time the slickness between her thighs. The dreaded sorority paddles came out as well which usually sends one into a panic, however this day it sent waives of pleasure through her body and she vaguely hears Master comment about this interesting change. Unfortunately he is not quite ready for her to be in that place and he stops to clamp both nipples and then lowers the paddling strikes to the back of her thighs. Slave momentarily mourns the loss of her safe word but quickly slips away again barely noticing when she is pushed up onto the bed, the clamps being ripped from her nipples as she is turned on her back.
Master reaches around her and unhooks the cuffs at the center leaving one on each wrist. He wipes her tears and applies a cuff to each ankle, pulling her arms down to each side and forcing her legs up in a bent position as he reattaches the cuffs. You do not have permission to cum he reminds his property as he plunges his fingers inside her causing her to shudder and cry out with need. Master removes his fingers and slave watches as he slips his belt from his trousers and folds it several times before beginning to whip her exposed sex. Tears once again spill down her cheeks. There is no way to close her legs for protection, juices splattering about each time the belt makes contact with her skin, leaving her breathless and squirming to get away. Are you ready for me to stop slave? He asks as she looks at him wide eyed not knowing what answer will be acceptable. He smiles down at her understanding her lack of response as he lets the belt fall to the floor simultaneously scooping up clothespins that he attaches to her sore lips.
Slave is once again rolled over after a few rapid slaps to the face which is now pushed down on to the bed; her knees buckled under her and pushed up to her chest. Do you know how wide your ass is opened up to me right now my love? He asks and once again receives no answer her mouth now aching from the strain of the tie being pulled so taught. To answer his own question for her  he again brings out the loop, this time turning it sideways so the  skinny rod strikes directly in between each butt cheek delivering a pain so incredibly strong he once again must remind slave she may not cum until he allows her to do so. He continues until the sobbing is uncontrollable and she is desperately trying to roll back over on to her back. He holds her down with one hand as he lets his pants and boxers fall to the ground and in one swift motion plunges himself deep between her cheeks as she cries out in pain trying to pull her swollen hole away. “You’ll be fine in a minute he whispers as he grabs both hips to control her bucking and drives himself deep inside her.
Master uses his slave until he is satisfied and brings her once again onto her back. Her body is now throbbing from being bound in this position for what seems like an eternity. He removes the soaked clothespins from her lips admiring his possession you have endured quote a bit and you are so red my sweet girl, let me see if I can sooth some of that for you he whispers as his tongue meets swollen clit and lavishes her sex in endless kisses. She feels the orgasm building up inside her and begins to silently beg her body not to cum just yet. He inserts his fingers inside, the torture becoming worse than anything she has endured over the last two hours. She cries out around the gag as much as she can letting him know she cannot hold on any longer and he silently signals her to let go which she does until she lies limp curled up in the fetal position.
After some soothing Master releases the cuffs and curls his slave under his shoulder with her head resting on his shoulder. He brings water to her mouth and tips the bottle to her lips and she gulps greedily, half of the water running down each side of her face.  Time passes as Master relaxes with his possession in his arms, the truly safest place in the world.
It’s 3 o clock baby he states and I’m hungry. I want you to make me something to eat and at 4 you’re going to the basement for a belt whipping on the pole.


  1. WOW...WOW...WOW...more after all HOT!
    hugs abby

  2. Wow intense.

    Sending you warm thoughts, take care of yourself


  3. Oncologists usually don't know what they are talking about.
    Now your Master, he's different, he clearly knows all about his Dancingbarez.
    Very Hot date!

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