The Beginning

There are so many wonderful blogs I have read and kept up with that gave me the strength to become comfortable with who I am. I would have liked to follow many from the beginning of the journey and that being the case I thought I should start mine from just that....the beginning. It took me a long time to get here but I am excited for what the future holds.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

To p or not to p

Last night, kneeling before him as he watches TV, what he is watching is beyond one’s comprehension. She is only there for him; the caresses of her hair a blissful gift as she is surrounded by an intense need to worship her Master.

An invitation to join him on the couch is welcome and for a while lying in his lap slave lightly runs her fingers up and down his body. It’s late and becomes time to take out the dogs and lock up the house. As we stand Master denies slave permission to use the bathroom, but she is told she may brush her teeth when she asks.

We meet in the bedroom and slave is asked to strip before the nightly undressing of her Master. She asks to pee again and is told she can go in a moment, but she is not leaving the room. The look of defiance sweeps over ones face (just for a moment) as she removes her dress and moves towards him pressing her body to his to remove his shirt.

His hand wraps around her hair, pulling her ear to his lips so he can whisper There is a pan under the bed, you may pull it to the center of the room and pee in it once you are finished here. Electricity runs through slaves nerves and there is no denying the slickness in between her thighs even though her mind is fighting the concept. Kneeling to remove his pants, there is some trepidation but it is easily pushed aside once he slides himself down her throat.

Enough get the pan he commands and there is hesitation and she procrastinates, kneeling there, her mouth gaping open. Of course this is a losing battle and moments later she is squatting before him over the pan. There she squats; looking up into his eyes, knowing anything less would be unacceptable, feeling the need to go but just not able to. It seems we were stalled like that, frozen in time until he picks up the belt and lashes at slaves back encouraging her to let go of her ego. The belt is distracting, turning her into a needy puddle while still trying to let her body go. The need to please him so strong, but just not physically being able to force her body to listen is frustrating.

Maybe a loop whipping will help you slave; it’s time to get up. The belt tightens around her chest, restricts her arms to her sides and binds her breast as he pushes her over the edge of the bed. He doesn’t start light but the whipping is good, it burns, but staying in position is not so hard. Until he decides it should be hard and it becomes that way. He stops every once in a while to give her a break to catch her breath, to get the tears under control before he start again. He very roughly inserts the plug, each touch of the welts causing more cries. The pleasure of dual fullness as he enters her from behind is intense and soon enough another kind of pleading begins.

When Master is ready for slave to suck him once more he speaks to her sternly while she accommodates him, reminding her she is property; that she will always be his, that she is his to do with as he pleases. That he loves her and she is beautiful when she suffers.

Later, once slave has licked Master clean and we are relaxed and ready to drift asleep, all sexual tension out of the air slave again asks if she may use the bathroom and Master once again reminds her the pan is the next to the bed.

This is not going away.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting comfortable

Note: This post was written last week and never published but the feelings are the same.

Master likes things a certain way, there is no question about that. He has expectations of how he wants things done and how he would like us to interact. At times it can feel like no progress has been made when it comes to ones temper or anger but he is quick to remind slave that really that is not the case. While there are still times when slave will start to fly off the handle he reels her in with a look and puts it to an end. Master has been pleased when the look puts an end to things while slave still frets that the tone should have never started in the first place. In that way he is much easier on slave than she is on herself.

As we fall into our routine, slave at times may get a little too comfortable. Yes, she must ask for permission for basic things such as sitting on the furniture or using the bathroom but when she does ask she expects a yes and doesn’t really give it much thought. It seems Master has noticed which is really no surprise because he does observe like a hawk.

Last night as one entered the bedroom before Master, she settled on the hardwood floor at the end of the bed watching TV. Master soon came in and lie on the bed above her with his face close to her. We chatted for a bit and slave asked for permission to come up on to the bed. It was late and she was surprised when she was told no and instructed to remove her clothing and put on her dog collar. As slave motioned to stand she was instructed to crawl for the collar. Once settled back on the floor at the end of the bed the overwhelming sense to kiss Master came over slave but she was denied. "Beg for it slave" he whispered as he grabbed the back of the collar causing slaves head to tilt back, her back pinned to the bed frame with chest jutting out. As slave begged for that kiss she wanted more than the air she was breathing he whipped her chest repeatedly with his belt sending her into frenzy. Soon, one found herself with the belt binding both her breasts and her arms at her sides, Master deep down her throat. Slave sucked him greedily, looking into his eyes as he alternated slapping her face and grinding into her mouth. The order to stop was not one she was happy to comply with, and she continued fretting while ordered into the dogs cage.

Master sat on the end of the bed watching as slave calmed herself. He inquired if she was thirsty and commented about her possible need to pee while confined. As he opened the cage and stuck in her a bowl of water he instructed her to drink like the pet she is and as the water an down her face he turned off the TV and lights and left the room. Slave lie there waiting for him to return, heard him go out to walk a dog and then wouldn’t you know it she heard a child down the hall crying and calling out in her sleep. Full, Blown, Panic! Luckily, Master hadn’t reinforced the cage locks wi the extra mechanisms we sometiomes use and she was able to get herself out, throw on some clothes and go console the child. When Master came back in and the child was back asleep we laughed about it (that kid never wakes up!) and he instructed her to take her clothes off once more and settle on the floor at the edge of bed.

Master sat on the edge and pulled slaves head back with the belt he had now wrapped around her neck and whispered firmly. Reminding her how lucky she was for all the allowances she has, slave answers coming out in a coarse voice as he restricted her air flow.

Once Master was satisifies with the conversation he bent one very worked up slave over the bed and spread her ass cheeks, ignoring the pleas for gentleness as he buried himself deep inside. Eventually the whimpering changes to moans of pleasure as Master reminds slave she enjoys being taken in by him that way. Makes her tell him all about too.

Sleep came very easy to slave as she laid in Masters arms (on the bed with permission, of course). No Mantra was done, no spanking was given and clothes were not approved for the day but today slave is acutely aware of who she is and why she thrives on it.

She is grateful that she has an Owner that knows hers so well and reminds her he gives and he can take away and that’s what makes us work.