The Beginning

There are so many wonderful blogs I have read and kept up with that gave me the strength to become comfortable with who I am. I would have liked to follow many from the beginning of the journey and that being the case I thought I should start mine from just that....the beginning. It took me a long time to get here but I am excited for what the future holds.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Moving, fantasies and great finds

It's finally happening, we found a great house and we are all moving in together. Everyone is very excited and it is actually making the nights we have to be apart even harder on us all but with the date less than a month away it's something we can all live with.

There are so many changes associated with the move they can make one a bit dizzy at times. Actually having help with the day to day part of raising young children is going to be awesome. Nights are already so much easier when Daddy visits and we can divide and conquer on the homework or he just handles it all so dinner gets on the table at a decent hour. Then having him split the straightening up or doing it all himself so the kids get mom time is really helpful. Accepting this help used to be an issue that would result in punishments because watching him do that stuff really caused a lot of stress and attitude but now we just run through it as a team and it really benefits all since there is more time for all of us to spend together at the end of the night.

Other things will change as well and the feelings associated with that are hard to capture. Daddy is strict, he likes planning and lists and healthy eating and sometimes those are just not that important in one’s mind. Don't get the wrong idea, the kids never miss activities or assignments but there are many times when one is running around still filling up the water bottles and looking for jerseys while shoving a donut down her throat when really we should be pulling out of the driveway to get to the game 20 minutes early.

Menus we will be planned, closets organized and approved slave clothes will be picked at the beginning of the week. Schedules will be made and they will be followed and it will be different but it is something that one is just well plain happy about.

There will be additional changes and that has become apparent with other interactions as well. Slave was late after meeting some friends for drinks the other night and called three minutes after she was supposed to be home which is NOT ok. There was a punishment for it of course but while that spoon rained down on her behind Daddy was quick to tell one next time this happened (this is the 2nd time in the last 10 months) she would be diapered, sent to a dark room and restricted from future plans. Basically saying if you are going to act like a child you are certainly going to get treated like one. It was shocking to hear things were going to this far but really she found peace in knowing that that's how things are going to be. Daddy was also quick to let her know that if she would have called earlier than her curfew he would have just told her to stay out longer.....lesson learned.

Now for the fantasy part. For whatever reason reading about subs being made to endure riding a saw horse has always had a certain lure. Not sure where this comes from but it's just something about being observed in such a pained state by Daddy and knowing he is getting pleasure out of it that sound enticing. Something about being helpless and not being allowed to get down until he says so  is exciting and if he comes over to cause more hurt even better. These fantasies were shared with Daddy some time ago, at that time we had not been participating in a lot of play that is quite regular to us now and it was something he said he could just never bring himself to put one thru. One was not terribly disappointed by this as the fantasy although hers was also quite bothersome as some fantasies tend to be.

Not too long ago we drove to a friend’s house who was packing up a family home and getting rid of all the contents. She offered that we take a look around to see what we needed for the move. When we finished she asked Daddy if he wanted to go downstairs to look at all the tools since her father was a carpenter and he had stored lots of things down there that were for the taking. We had the kids with us so slave took them and headed outside while Daddy went downstairs to check it out. When they were done we said our goodbyes and planned to come back with a truck.

While we were driving home one of those pop songs kids love came on the radio. Daddy turned up the back speakers and the kids starting singing on the top of their lungs effectively blocking any conversation we may be having from them. He looked over with a smile on his face and asked  "Guess what was in the basement slave?"  What Sir? one answered having not a clue what he could be so giddy about. "Saw horses, two of them and one that is equipped electrical outlets." His smile became wider as one gulped in astonishment. After taking a moment one inquired as to if he asked about them to which he answered "Oh yes, we will be picking them up with everything else, how awesome is that?"

Slave became a little quieter after that conversation but she was a bit excited as well and is looking forward to really being able to be in the 24/7 relationship we both so desire.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Your pain is my drug

Those were the four words he whispered gently in slaves ear while watching her reactions. He went on to explain the change in ones eyes when things get particularly unbearable. The look of surprise when the intensity pushes a little bit past where one thought it could actually go. He continued to explain how much it pleases him, how much he loves the way slave kisses when she is in so much pain.

Before his words there was a bit of panic (yes we have a safe word, but it was not needed) as ones legs were kicking about in a desperate kind of way of processing the pain. Legs that were slippery from the excitement of it all. After those words there was just calmness as she absorbed it all knowing how much it pleased him. And of course there was a lot more wetness.