The Beginning

There are so many wonderful blogs I have read and kept up with that gave me the strength to become comfortable with who I am. I would have liked to follow many from the beginning of the journey and that being the case I thought I should start mine from just that....the beginning. It took me a long time to get here but I am excited for what the future holds.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Twice a day, every day for 10 days!

Not sure what I got myself into here but the title of my post says it all.

I call Master every night as soon as I get in bed. The ritual is that we talk on the phone until he decides I need to go to sleep, it is understood that I should not protest nor should I initiate the request to go to sleep. Some evenings I have to go to bed earlier then I would prefer but usually I wake up the next morning feeling really good and I am grateful I was sent to sleep when I was.

Tuesday night was a bit different. Spring sports and girl scouts for both my girls is in full swing and I am leader of both their troops plus I work full time.  My weekend is inundated with practices, two separate girl scout functions and birthday parties. Master was getting testy because my time would be limited due to all these obligations. I mean really testy and to be honest I was totally annoyed by it. I am certainly not going to make a change to all the things my girls are doing because I have entered into this M/s dynamic and I really didn't feel like hearing is attitude when I had to get up early for work the next day.  Really I know he does  not expect me to withdraw my girls from things they like, he loves my girls. I know I should be grateful that he cares about me enough that it affects him so much when I am busy  and that he was just disappointed but I was not feeling it at that moment.

I am tired Sir, I need to go to bed

I was waiting for that to come, fine

I love you, Sir

I love you too, goodnight

So we got off the phone and then of course I could not sleep but I did eventually drift off unsettled.

Yesterday he left his daughter still on Spring break with his Mom and came to my work. I was surprised because they have been coming to see me together since school is out. He was in a much better mood and gave me a big smile and a wonderful kiss as I climbed in the truck and then he drove to a secluded area where we usually hang out for the hour I have.

Once we parked he climbed into the back seat which is usually a pretty good indicator I am getting spanked. Come on he said and patted the seat next to him. I did climb in the back as he asked what implement I thought he should use today. Silence. (Note to self when you get to choose make a damn decision). OK he said and out comes that paddle from my sorority days. I climbed over his lap dress up, panties down and he was brutal from the very first hard smack (thanks for the warm up, Sir)  and it went on like that for quite some time, hitting the same spot, switching sides and getting the sit spot so low that my lips were throbbing too. I have never had a spanking that hard. I was moving all around, the ouches were flowing and I even put my hand back to cover myself (not a good idea, I won't be doing that again).  After he was done with the paddle I got about 10 hand swats on the sit spot to drive his point home.

Once he was done he placed me on my knees in front of him so I was wedged in between the back of the front seat and the back seat itself. Once in between his open knees he allowed me to worship his cock ....this is by far something I always crave after a spanking though it was tough this time because I was still shaky and in that space that I go to whenever I get dished out a good amount of pain. When he was satisfied I stayed between his legs for quite some time just laying there at his feet as he played with my hair. Eventually he lifted me up onto the seat and buried his head between my legs and once again assaulted the inside of my thighs until I was crying and cumming all at the same time.

We held each other for a long time and then he pulled out a sandwich he had made for me so I wouldn't go with out eating (which I would have) and we sat together for a while just enjoying the presence of each other.

After work and later in the evening the girls were watching a move and we slipped out to the bar/sunporch area to smoke a cigarette.

How's your bottom? 

Bruised and pink.

How sore is it?

A little, but not bad.

That's unfortunate, I wanted you to be sore, I was annoyed at your behavior last night. 

I know but I guess I have a tough butt?

Well it would appear you need more to get it so let's just go with twice a day every day for 10 days. 

Huh , I thought we decided against regular spankings and now you are going with twice a day?

I changed my mind, problem?  

No Sir

Watch your mouth little slave girl

Yes Sir

And then we went back inside and finished watching the movie with the kids. At least we can't start until after this weekend. Gives a girl something to think about for sure. And of course today I am very sore, it just took a day to sink in!


  1. There is NO WAY I could do that and then go back to work!!! LOL!!! Breathing would be about the extent of my energy :)

    As a spanko, twice a day for 10 days sounds great to me, but reality is often different then reality isn't it.

    Good luck, can't wait to hear how you do with it.

    1. Going back to work was quote difficult and of course there was a major emergency I had to deal with!

      I'll let you know how it goes. There is part of me that is looking forward to it but that could easily change.

  2. Oh I agree with did you get back to work after that!? Good luck with your twice/day for 10. On the bright side, the more you're spanked, the more resilient your bottom will become. So, more now, less hurt later ;) I know this from experience...I'm rarely sore now. Wow I can't believe I just admitted that! LOL.

    1. I can't believe you said that either...better be careful that's exactly what got me in this situation.

  3. OH WOW! We did daily spankings for a short time, maybe two weeks ... but TWO spankings a day .. I think I'd die!! Good luck!

    1. I have never been spanked on top of an already sore bottom from the same day, I'm thinking it may be really ouchy the 2nd time around. I'll let you know for sure.

  4. Hum. This sounds like more bad pain than good to me. I mean... OUCH.

    1. Not sure how I will feel about it later but since I am such a spanko it sounds pretty good to me. I think it will depend on his demeanor. I don't enjoy getting spanked when he is upset with me but I am viewing this as more of a training experiment so we will see how it goes.

  5. WOW....master spanked me every day for a week once....jsut because He wanted to....I love spankings, but I was very glad wihen that week was over. There seemed to be layers of pain...good luck! And do keep us posted! abby

    1. I was wondering about those layers of pain. I have to admit I enjoy pain very much but not so sure how I feel when it is all over.

  6. Wow, he went from not sure he wanted to be so dominant to a complete 180 in just a few weeks it seems. Good luck with your sore bottom and I'd be careful not to be sassy. It sounds like he's not going to put up with it, lol!


    1. He did warn me he could be a bit of control addict but I am surprised about how quickly things are moving. It's kind of suffocating and comforting at the same time if that makes sense.

  7. Going back to work after that = you are one strong woman.

    I know you are a spanko as am I but twice a day for ten days. He doesn't seem to take it easy either, does he? Good luck with that.

    1. I have a 45-60 minute commute but he lives close to my work so we like to take advantage of the days when his schedule allows him to come see me at lunch. It does tend to make the work afternoon tough, LOL.

      No, he does not take it easy. I have been tempted many times to bring up the warm up topic but not sure if that will work in my favor or if he would feel criticized.

  8. Yeah, sometimes the day after the day after is when you really feel it! Wonder why..just happens that way sometimes but not usually.


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