The Beginning

There are so many wonderful blogs I have read and kept up with that gave me the strength to become comfortable with who I am. I would have liked to follow many from the beginning of the journey and that being the case I thought I should start mine from just that....the beginning. It took me a long time to get here but I am excited for what the future holds.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A surprise lunch time punishment

I usually do not post twice in a day but I got a lunch time punishment today that was, well quite shocking.

Last night Daddy came over for just a few hours and mostly spent time with my oldest child, they were really just reading and goofing around and then he helped put her to bed. I had picked out my work outfit for today and ironed it and just got some stuff done while the kiddo was occupied.

I had grabbed some of my old stuff from the Ex when picking the kids up after work. Some of the items I grabbed were college memorabilia which included the thick wooden paddle my big sister had given to me when I pledged for a sorority. Daddy and I were kind of chuckling about it when he saw me putting away some stuff and damn if he did not grab the paddle before he left.

We have not ventured into the arena of punishment spankings. Mostly because daddy knows how much I enjoy being spanked and he would much prefer to withhold allowing me pleasure when he his upset about something. Up until today even though I hated it I really thought that was probably the most effective. 

One thing that really ticks Daddy off is that I have an obsession with my weight. Realistically I know that I am small and that daddy loves my body but I do get hung up about it from time to time. We do have a rule that my weight cannot fall below 119 (it used to be 120 but I bargained for another pound) but most some days I just don't feel good about it and I have been tempted to let it go lower and just hope he does not notice.

Anyway, Daddy was off today and he was coming to visit me for lunch. He had sent me an email saying he could just imagine how hot I looked in the dress and shoes he saw me lay out last night. I absentmindedly answered that the dress made me look fat and he shouldn't get too excited about it and then went on working. Later I got a reply "your lack of confidence just disappointed me." and that was it. To be honest I kind of rolled me eyes when I saw it.

Lunch time came around and he let me know he was outside. I went out to the truck and everything seemed fine. We drove around a bit talking until he pulled into a parking garage and parked at the very top of a very empty level. He slipped into the backseat and motioned for me to join him.....I climbed to the back expecting a little play but instead he grabbed me around the waist facing me sideways and started spanking in quick succession over my dress. I started getting into it a little bit but then he shoved me over his knees, lifted up my skirt, pulled down panties and reached back into the covered cab, grabbed the paddle and went to town. This paddle is think and heavy, not like the other paddles we have "played" with. It stung like hell and I knew exactly what it was about. After about 20 swats I was really trying to move, I have never had a real punishment spanking before and I had to really resist trying to cover my but with my hand. He finally asked me if that was enough and I said yes. WRONG ANSWER he said as he stopped for a minute and said you know the correct answer should have been it's enough when you say so daddy and I think I may have gotten about three more really hard paddles after that.

We did cuddle after that and Daddy told me how beautiful I am and he wants me to own it. We were fine when it was over and I have to admit I do not like that I got him upset. That damn paddle hurt like hell (Oh, by the way he likes it very much - it's his favorite new implement) but it kind of turned me on when he reprimanded me for answering him that way when he asked if that was enough.

Sitting at my desk right now is not really very comfortable.


  1. I think many of us have body image issues. This is an area that Michael has put his foot down with me as well. Sounds like that paddle was quite effective...and I imagine he won't hesitate to use it again. Better watch your p's & q's! ;)

    1. Oh yes, effective it was. I have a feeling the paddle is going to be his go to punishment...he knows how much I like feeling his hand so that's out.

  2. I know that a lot of people struggle with losing weight, but when your problem runs in the opposite direction it can be damn difficult to get over or up to, 120.
    I think if I bargained for pounds he would just add more lol.

    1. I don't think I am going to get that extra pound for too long....we will just have to wait and see.

  3. I know you had mentioned you were talking with Daddy about starting punishment spankings, looks like you've started now!

    I think it's so sweet that he wants you at a healthy weight and will paddle you for any comments about feeling fat. I think having him take the time to show you how much he loves your body should help you see that you look great. That said, I know where you're coming from! I have some issues myself. Growing up (and still), I got pressure from my mom to be rail-thin (even though I was already thin). Because of this, I always feel heavy and insult my looks. Cael would like my self-depricating comments to stop, he said if I don't stop insulting myself, then I'm insulting him when he calls me beautiful. He has a point. I would never want to dismiss his kind words just because I'm being insecure about my body image. I haven't been spanked over it, but it actually might do me some good. Amazing how they love us, even the flaws.

    1. My mom did the same exact thing to me about being rail thin. She is still crazy about it today. I don't think they get the long term effects of doing that to us.

      Yes we have started it and I have to say I am pretty happy about it....although at the time I was upset and to be 100% candid a little scared. Today I feel very submissive and I just have an overall feeling of well being (while I am standing up that it).

  4. I don't like that soreness..but it dos remind me what I did wrong for awhile!

    Punishment is never fun. Never show a man a paddle! Lol..

  5. Dancing: Sorry your mother gave you that message about being rail thin. As you know, it can long term effects once she plants that seed in your head.


  6. We have kids and they are always home. I've been spanked in the car a few times, but not as punishment. All of those car spankings were pre-Dd and for our fun.
    But... not that long ago (and I don't recall the issue) Henry said to me. "Do you want a spanking?", to which I answered, "No" and then I had to ask, "How would you even do that?- The kids are around". To which he replied, "we'll go for a ride in the car". "Oh". I fixed whatever it was and needless to say there wasn't a car ride or a spanking. So I can see that car rides will have a new connotation for you both.
    Punishment adds a whole new dimension to "us" and for me, it is just right to sit uncomfortably. I see that it feels right for you, even when it's difficult in some ways.
    Good luck keeping your weight where it needs to be for your health.

  7. Ah what a good (?) punishment! Us girls are almost always too harsh on ourselves and it's good to know someone else is looking out for us. :) Though a paddle is... whoo!

    The car spanking reminds me of that spanking scene in Weeds though... sexy ;p

  8. Why do they always decide their favourite implements are the ones that get the message across and hurt the most? ............. Oh yeah, I think 'that's' why! Lol! Stay good :)

    Dee x

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